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Todd Selby + Christine Sun Kim

Nowness and cult-photographer Todd Selby, are to thank for this beautiful film-portrait of the performance artist, Christine Sun Kim. Kim was born deaf. She explores the realms of sound, communication and identity, through performance, using sound–a medium she is not privy to in its most fundamental sense. “It’s a lot more interesting to explore a medium that I don’t have direct access to and yet has the most direct connection to society at large,” says Kim. “Social norms surrounding sound are so deeply ingrained, that, in a sense, our identities cannot be complete without it.”

In the film, Selby shows Kim creating her seismic calligraphy drawings, in which she uses the vibrations of sound, to create visual representations of itself. For ambient film score, Selby worked with sound designer Arrow Kleeman. The result is something unique and we’ll leave it at that.


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