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Recreation Exhibition 1st-18th April


Owen Daily, Artist’s Proof: Gravity.

Here at the Holy Biscuit, we’ve been so busy getting things ready for the Recreation conference, that it might seem that we have forgotten to promote our three week exhibition of the same name. Curated by Morphé Arts, the show will feature some fabulous work by London-based artists, Liza Cucco, Alastair Gordon, and Lucinda Metcalfe, and Scotland-based artists Owen Daily and Cully. 

The Recreation Exhibition preview will be on Saturday 31st March, at 6.30pm. There will be wine and cheese, and live music from Cath and Phil Tyler!

Come back and see the exhibition, April 1-18, open daily from 11am-4pm.

Check out more work by exhibiting artists…

Liza Cucco
Alastair Gordon

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