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Now and Not Yet: New Beginnings


Over the past few months we have been thinking a lot about who we are as an organisation, and how we want our programme to reflect that. As we look forward to a new year, we want to share some of our core values with you. We will be publishing a series of blog posts throughout January, we hope you can join us in reflecting on what it means to be more than just a building or a programme of exhibitions, but to live life alongside people in community, in hospitality, amidst our vulnerabilities and with integrity.

The Holy Biscuit started with a prayerful desire to make use of a redundant church building which was within the grasp of a large property developer, and instead to transform it into a creative community space. We imagined a place of welcome and hospitality, a hub for creativity, a place where truth might be explored, where vulnerability might be acknowledged and celebrated, and where hope might be felt. God has been faithful. Five years since The Holy Biscuit’s inception, our varied, inspiring and thought-provoking programme has had a far-reaching impact. Exploring purpose, belonging and belief through the arts, and encouraging others to do the same, we have worked with hundreds of artists, musicians, writers, dancers, young people, vulnerable adults and older people. We have been privileged to develop long term friendships and partnerships and to build an increasing sense of community and belonging around the space. As we celebrate five years, we want to take this time to pause and look back at the past, consider how we are in the present and prayerfully consider what the future might hold.

Over the next four weeks we will be sharing thoughts on the following values & ideas:

  • Vulnerability & Fragility – 6th January 2016
  • Community & Hospitality – 13th January 2016
  • Hope & Expectation – 20th January 2016
  • Truth & Faith – 27th January 2016

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