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Now and Not Yet: Mini Expectations


Image above: Kuba Ryniewicz, Mini Expectations 2015

All of our lives are in God’s hand, nothing is beyond the tenderness of God’s touch.

Not the things that we hold up high for all to see.

Not the things we hold close in the quiet of our hearts.

God knows all the stories we have to tell, yet never tires of hearing them.

God knows all the adventures we are yet to have and never waivers in enthusiasm for them.

God made us who we are and delights in who we are becoming.

Our God is a God of hope, who longs to fill us with joy and peace as we let the preoccupations of life fade into the background as we trust God and let hope grow in our hearts.

Anna Louise Spencer

Kuba Ryniewicz is a photographer, curator and researcher interested in the relationship between art and nature. He is based in the North East of England. 

Anna Louise Spencer is a community activist with a passion for creativity and storytelling. She is a member of The Holy Biscuit Advisory Group.


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