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New Music + A Love Supreme


It’s been an amazing week in music. Beach House confirmed their new album Bloom, a summer tour, and yesterday, they released their lead single “Myth.” Sufjan and Rosie are collaborating on a Split 7″, half of which, titled “Where Were You?”, was released. Sufjan/Son Lux/Serengeti have released a track called “Museum Day.” Poor Moon currently has their Illusions EP free on their website.

Yet in the midst of all of the new, I was called back a classic: the John Coltrane classic, A Love Supreme.  NPR’s All Things Considered features the story of A Love Supreme as a part of NPR 100.

I’m now jazz aficionado, and for a long time, the only thing I knew about Coltrane was that he was a legend. I don’t mean to undermine the music; but learning of this suite’s deep personal significance for Coltrane, as a reaffirmation of faith, and a declaration of the marriage of music and faith, has given new ears to listen, to not only his mastery of his instruments and of his genre, but also the story of his journey.

Listen to The Story of ‘A Love Supreme’


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