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Made By Hand: The Knife Maker

Made By Hand is a Brooklyn-based film series that highlights craftsmen and craftswomen of the handmade movement, a movement that is spreading in Brooklyn and in cities around the world. Creator/director, Keith Ehrlich, and his team, create films that aim at promoting craft that is made locally and sustainably.

Film no.2, The Knife Maker, writer turned knife maker, Joel Bukiewicz, shares the inspiring story of his creative journey. In the film he talks about creative offerings, art and craft, and the human element of making quality beautiful objects. He says:

It takes buckets of blood, and sweat…to get competent. And then once you become competent, maybe you have what it takes to become and artist, maybe you don’t. Before you get to a place where you can actually make art with the skills you learn, you have to master the basics…. It takes a lot of work to get there, and when you get there, that’s day one. Then you can start to make something you can maybe call art.

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