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Invitation to Advent + Adventure


Exhibition Invitation to Advent + Adventure

15th November 2012 By The Holy Biscuit

I know we’ve been harping on about this. But we wanted to officially invite you the exhibition preview for ADVENT + ADVENTURE, on FridayNovember 30, at 6:00pm, for which you can look forward to some great art, music, mulled-wine, and seasonal treats. Artists from all backgrounds have been invited to explore the Christmas season through themes of waiting, expectation, and preparation. This year’s exhibition will be juried by Newcastle-based curators Sheila Gonzalez and Hannah Marsden of Situation Rhubarb. 

Submissions for the exhibition are due this Monday, November 19. We are accepting a wide range of work. Prizes will be given and Best in Show will have the opportunity to exhibit their own work, or to curate a show, in our gallery space. There are a range of additional prizes from local sponsors around the city so why not submit some work or encourage artists you know to do so.

For more information on how to submit click here. 

You have the weekend to create something seasonally grand!


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