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Call For Papers: Arts & Christianity Ireland


Arts & Christianity Ireland seek abstracts for their upcoming one-day conference, Risking Mystery: Contemporary Arts and Sacred Worship to be held 20 October 2012 at Avila Carmelite Retreat Centre, Dublin. The fourth in a series of conferences focusing on contemporary arts and Christianity, we are interested in submissions from across all artistic disciplines as well as relevant theological papers. The conference, while primarily aimed at contemporary artists, seeks to speak also to pastoral leaders, theologians and members of the public interested in the intersection of faith and contemporary arts. In conjunction with the conference, there will be an exhibition and a recital/performance.

Possible questions to consider:

How do we speak of mystery in relation to contemporary arts? How is sacred mystery revealed/explored/expressed in contemporary art? Is there an intersection between worship and contemporary arts in mystery? Do contemporary arts have a role in unveiling sacred mystery in places of worship?


Abstracts of no more than two pages double-spaced for 35-40 minute presentations (followed by panel discussion) should be submitted along with cover letter and C.V. to Committee Secretary Donna Mae Linton ([email protected]) The deadline for proposals is 22 June 2012.

Arts & Christianity Ireland is a burgeoning organisation whose mission includes nourishing artists who create works inspired by Christian themes; promoting these works in the public domain; and fostering dialogue with Churches on the role these contemporary artworks can play in the faith lives of their members. 


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